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All-State Math Team

Sponsors of the South Carolina All-State Math Team

Welcome to the South Carolina All-State Math Team Website.

The South Carolina All-State Math Team, sponsored by the South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (SCCTM), Jane Street, and The Boeing Company, is composed of highly enthusiastic young math problem solvers from across the state, as well as a dedicated group of teachers who train them. Throughout the year, we organize training sessions and provide students with practice materials to enhance their skills. Additionally, we participate in Regional and National Math Competitions, including the prestigious American Regions Math League (ARML) Competition.

Students who wish to join the team for a specific academic year must meet the eligibility criteria outlined by the ARML competition. According to the competition guidelines, a student should not have reached the age of 19 before December 31 immediately preceding the ARML Competition. However, if a student turns 19 between January 1 and the competition dates, they may still be eligible as long as they have not graduated from high school (K-12) prior to March 1 of the competition year. It is important to note that any student who has graduated from high school before March 1 of the competition year is ineligible for participation in the ARML event.

To apply for a position on our team, interested students can complete the following form:

We encourage all aspiring mathematicians who meet the eligibility requirements to take advantage of this opportunity and submit their applications. Our team fosters a supportive and challenging environment that will help students reach their full potential in mathematics. Join us and be part of an incredible journey of problem-solving, teamwork, and personal growth.

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