Training Resources

Alcumus (Mr. Neal's personal favorite problem solving resource!!)

AMC 10/12 Tips, Strategies, and Formulas

Local and National Math Competitions


How use use these handouts: Pick a handout and read it thoroughly. Try the problems and post your questions, doubts, solutions, or comments in the South Carolina Art of Problem Solving forum.


Polynomials Handout by pinkpig.pdf
Vietas Formulas - ihatemath123.pdf
Combinatorics Part I - Paul Zeitz.pdf
Modular Arithmetic - David Altizio.pdf
Mass Point Geometry - Tom Rike - BMC 2000.pdf
Complex Numbers, Chapter 5.pdf
Mathematical Induction.pdf


Modular Arithmetic - An Intermediate Level Introduction - Tristan Shin.pdf
A Few Elementary Properties of Polynomials - Adeel Khan.pdf
Complex Numbers in Trig Identities II - vincenthuang75025.pdf
Complex Numbers Excerpt from Visual Complex Analysis.pdf

Cool Extra Topics

Arithmetic in Complex Bases - William J. Gilbert.pdf